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Theralase Could Light Up Cancer Therapeutics

Theralase Could Light Up Cancer Therapeutics

Cancer patients don’t have many good treatment options. Once the disease is detected, most oncologists will surgically remove as much as possible and then use powerful radiation and chemotherapy to kill as many cells in those areas as possible. The side effects from these treatments can be terrible and patients are at a higher risk […]

Exosomes Shine a Light on Alzheimer’s Disease and CTE

Exosomes Shine a Light on Alzheimer’s Disease and CTE

Concussions are common in recreational and professional sports with an estimated 1.6 million sustained concussion-related injuries per year in the U.S. alone. Since concussions aren’t detectable using X-rays or CT scans, they often go undiagnosed and attempts to prevent them have been difficult. These concussions can lead to far more serious problems like chronic traumatic […]

Discovery Could Lead to Major Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Brain Disorders

Discovery Could Lead to Major Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Brain Disorders

Some leading scientists are making strides like never before in research for debilitating and deadly diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Currently, people afflicted with these conditions have little hope to avert disease progression and, sadly, death.  There is reason for optimism, though, with hundreds of […]

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Miraculins Inc. (TSX-V: MOM) (OTC: MCUIF), a pre-revenue biotechnology company that acquires, develops and commercializes new, non-invasive diagnostic and risk assessment tests to aid physicians in the earlier diagnosis of disease, was recently featured in

Miraculins: Pioneering a New Approach to Diabetes Screening

Diabetes affects nearly 30 million U.S. citizens – or roughly 10% of the population – with about 27% of those cases going undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association. As well, there are approximately 80

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Miraculins Inc. (TSX-V: MOM), a medical diagnostics company focused on diagnostic testing and risk assessment technologies addressing unmet clinical needs, recently outlined its plans to pursue Chinese FDA approval, establish full production capabilities, and develop

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Miraculins Inc. (TSX-V: MOM), a medical diagnostic company focused on acquiring, developing, and commercializing diagnostic tests and risk assessment technologies for unmet clinical needs, recently announced a year-end review of its accomplishments in the context

Theralase Anti-Cancer Technology Picks Up Steam

There are many different approaches to treating cancer, ranging from Roche Holding Ltd.’s (OTC: RHHBY) monoclonal antibody Perjeta to Merck & Co. Inc.’s (NYSE: MRK) immunotherapy Keytruda. While both of these drugs have made great

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OxySure Systems Inc. (OTC: OXYS), developer of life-saving, easy-to-use emergency oxygen solutions leveraging its “oxygen from powder” technology, recently announced an exclusive long-term agreement with two-time U.S. Olympian Cliff Meidl to become a spokesperson for

Opexa Takes an Unconventional Approach to Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder that affects the brain and spinal cord, leading to numbness, speech impairment, loss of muscular coordination, blurred vision, severe fatigue, and in many cases, death. With about 200

InMed Pharma’s Hiring of Tiberend Highlights Biotech Focus

Cannabis based medicine is being widely adopted as the next exciting special interest sector of the biotech community. With GW Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ: GWPH) and others conducting clinical trials targeting important indications like cancer pain

InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Retains Tiberend Strategic Advisors

InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“InMed”) (CSE:IN)(OTCQB:IMLFF), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that specializes in developing novel therapies through the research and development into the extensive pharmacology of cannabinoids coupled with innovative drug delivery systems, today announced

Aeolus Pharma: Leveraging Biodefense Funding for Oncology

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority – known as BARDA – is a subsection of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services responsible for an integrated and systematic approach to the development and

OxySure Systems: Organic Growth & Expansion Drives Stock Higher

OxySure Systems Inc. (OTC: OXYS), developer of easy-to-use emergency oxygen solutions leveraging its oxygen-from-powder technology, has seen significant interest among investors over the past few months. In mid-April, the stock traded at less than $0.60

MabVax: A Unique Combination of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Approaches in Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer vaccines are designed to boost the immune system’s natural ability to protect and fight against cancer. For instance, Merck & Co. Inc.’s (NYSE: MRK) Gardasil® protects against infection by the two types of HPV