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MillionPatientsCured.com Is the World’s First Human-Centric Technology to Offer Lifesaving COVID-19 Updates to Empower People to Prevent Disease and to Help Find a Cure


NEW YORKJuly 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MillionsPatentsCured.com is a unique information technology that integrates data from over 15,000 sources from all 50 states and 3000 counties to protect yourself, your family and your business.

With two clicks on a map, you can easily find all you need to know about the pandemic in your state or county to take the right action.

Unlike other COVID-19 sites full of difficult-to-understand paragraphs of technical, scientific, or government language, MillionPatientsCured.com (MPC) is designed for the public.

Now, complex information can be understood by all without bias or politics in the intuitive and easy-to-navigate Epidemic Explorer. Only facts connected to verifiable sources and translated by technical experts are presented.

Now everyone can make the right decision to prevent further spread of the virus.

By signing up, you’ll get updates from your state or county. You could also participate in research to receive free healthcare, free home tests, free protection equipment or payment. Your info can help scientists uncover a cure.

“Finally. For patients and the public, finding this information is no longer confusing, overwhelming and time consuming,” said Dr. Amanda Heron Parsons, MD, former deputy commissioner of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

“The awesome Epidemic Explorer tool contains everything you want to know about COVID-19, such as reopenings, test sites, clinical trials, etc. It’s a fantastic way to sift through a ton of information.”

MPC was built by a grassroots consortium of scientists, public health experts, companies and medical organizations building technology to automatically integrate and constantly update COVID-19 information from over 15,000 government, testing, companies, and research organizations.

“Together, we interpret and curate COVID-19 information to make it easy for everyone to understand, empower decision-makers, and connect patients, public, and scientists,” said MillionPatientsCured.com Founder Grace Lee.

Lee is also the CEO of Health Enovations, Inc. and expert advisor to executives, regulators, and government in the healthcare and pharmaceutical/biotech industries.

“We’re excited to work with MillionPatientsCured.com for better access to testing. Our proprietary disease detection technology enables COVID-19 testing in remote underserved locations or areas without sufficient access to testing,” said Genomic Expressions CEO Gitte Pedersen

During a pandemic, it’s hard for the world to figure out how the virus attacks the body and how to intervene when scientific information is not centrally captured, interpreted and shared.

“Data gathered from MillionPatientsCured.com helps scientists and diagnostic, vaccine, and drug companies integrate information from studies, to see trends on how to prevent a spread, how each type of patient reacts differently, or find personalized treatments,” said Lee.

MPC pools information from patients, with or without symptoms, to help researchers see the patterns of how the symptoms manifest in each patient type. It also tells drug companies and doctors how each of the human body systems reacts to new or old therapies, as the disease changes over time and around the world.

MPC takes privacy seriously. Each patient controls who has access to their data and decides how they want to get paid or receive free healthcare. As a collective, patients with similar symptoms can work with preferred researchers to develop therapies to target their specific condition.

MillionPatientsCured.com is the first technology for patients to help vaccine, drug, and diagnostic companies conduct virtual trials making it possible for faster approvals. This unique approach helps researchers develop therapies for personalized medicine.

MPC combines data exploration technology with AI that learns from patterns of health. It applies machine learning for complicated analysis that’s faster than the human brain’s ability to process decisions.

This is critical, especially with a virus like COVID-19 that’s constantly evolving. Months later, scientists and doctors are still trying to understand how it affects the human body.

Often there are conflicting epidemiology, studies and findings. This makes it hard for drug companies to gather real-world evidence to get FDA approval for their vaccines and therapies.

MPC connects testing sites, clinical trial information and scientific information to empower patients to take control of their health. This data also enables government to see patterns in public health for better decisions to protect everyone.

“We find key information, simplify it into a few simple choices that users make with a few clicks. Our mission is to prevent and cure diseases by empowering people and connecting information and services through shared technology,” said Lee.

For more information contact Grace Lee at (347) 524-9687 or 242882@email4pr.com.

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